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    • 1: 直立旋轉式噴霧機,可旋轉前定點及旋轉后定點功能,方便上下模具,可增加生產成品速度,機結構堅固耐用。
    • 2:本裝置可以單動,亦可以與壓鑄機、給湯機、取出機聯機,成全自動生產。
    • 3:裝置單獨霧化器,使固定及活動模霧化效果良好,可調整水量大小,絕無漏水情形,使用于小件產品時,更凸顯其霧化效果。
    • 4:本裝置可單獨對固定側,活動側噴涂脫模劑時間調整。
    • 5:本裝置有上升和下降吹氣之功能,可使噴完上升之同時清掃固定及活動模面,使模面清潔干凈。
    • 6:本裝置可調整每分鐘噴脫模劑之用量。
    • 7:本裝置上升和下降速度穩定,有快速下降減速功能,并可視調整速度快慢,有防落裝置,以防止氣壓源停止時,噴頭滑落。
    • 8:本裝置可采用PLC 控制回路,具有故障顯示
    • 祥情信息

    sprayer Profile

       (1)    With front base or base options, convenient to change mold, can increase production speed, the machine is robust
       (2)    It can be used independently or interface with die cast machine, extractor and ladler to complete automated production. 
       (3)    Install separate atomizer, good atomize effect for fixed and movable mold, can adjust water yield, and don’t leak. It is more suitable for small piece casting.
       (4)   Die release agent spray time can be done separately for stationary and moveable die
       (5)   It can carry out air blowing operation while ascending , simultaneously cleaning the stationary and movable die while ascending , maintaining a clean mold surface.
      (6)   The spray volume can be regulated.
      (7)   The ascending and descending speed are stable; descending speed can be abruptly reduced in order to extend the file of shock absorber. Equipped with anti-drop locking device, this will prevent the spray head from dropping in case of air pressure cat-off
     (8)   Uses PLC control circuit, with build-in error code display for maintenance.



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