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    • 1:采用連桿式結構,蝸牛蝸桿減速機驅動,機械強度高,穩定性好,使用壽命長。
    • 2:具備電機模厚調整功能,省時,省力,安全。
    • 3:可根據要求在系統內增加存儲多套模具噴涂程序,更換模具時直接在人機界面中調用以前存儲的程序可直接使用,使操作和使用非常簡單方便。
    • 4:可與壓鑄機半自動操作,也可與壓鑄機,取出機等連線,成為全自動化設備。
    • 5:采用人機界面觸摸屏,方便對各種參數進行調整設定,具有故障診斷顯示功能,方便后期的故障診斷與維修。
    • 6:配用噴霧式噴頭組,霧化效果好,方便更換安裝,具備定點噴霧,循環噴霧,浮動噴霧
    • 7:可選擇銅管式噴頭或獨立霧化噴嘴噴頭。
    • 8:可選擇變頻控制或伺服控制。
    • 祥情信息

    Variable Converter/ Servo Spray Machine

     1. The connecting rod type structuer is adopted,and it is driven by helical gear + worm gear and worm reducer with high mechanical strength,good stability and long service life.  

     2. 2.It has the function of adjusting mould thickness of motor to save time,energy,and keep safety.

     3. Many sets of mould spray programs are added in the system according to the requirement.For the replacement of mould the original saved program can be directly called out through the man-machine  interface for direct use,making it very convenient to operate and maintain.

     4. The control box has position reserved for signal,which can be in connection with the die casting machine for semi-automatic operation and also can be wited with the die casting machineand  extractor for becoming a full-automatic equipment.

     5.The man-machine interface touch screen is adopted for setting all parameters easily.It is  characterzed by the fault self-diagnosis display function for further fault diagnosis and maintenance.               6.It is equipped with nossle-type nozzle set with good atomization effect and convenient replacement       7. Can choose copper tupe type shower nozzle or seizing nozzle and installation.It has fixed point spray,circulating spray and floating spray.    

     8. Can choose inverter control or server control


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