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    本機型采用固定原液計量缸,離型劑混合時,保持離型原液為固定量,配合浮球檢知開關,達到穩定的混合效果,可配比范圍在50倍至250倍。 本機型適用性廣泛,可作為一般性離型劑混合,構造簡易,維修保養容易之特性。

    • 1:混合稀釋液位于下限時,原液缸和水閥自動打開,開始補充直到混合液液面上限為止
    • 2:原液下限時,黃色指示燈亮,警報燈閃,警報器響,請補充原液
    • 3:混合液輸出壓力(低于3Bar)不足時,請清潔或更換吸入口過濾網并檢查空氣壓力(正常為0.5MPa以上)
    • 祥情信息


        This machine use fixed original liquid measuring tank. When release agent is mixing,it can keep ration release agent.With the ball sensor switch working,it can win a stable miming effect;the viscosity ratio can be adjusted from 50:1 up to 250:1. 

      Feature: The application of this machine is broad.It can be used for mixing common chemicals or special chemi-cals. Its assembly is simple and easy to maintain. 

       1.When the solution reaches the low level limit,the measuring pump and the water valve will automatically open,starts replenishing until the solution reaches the upper limit. 

       2.When the original release agent reaches the low level limit,the yellow light will turn on,and the alarm will sound,please replenish the release agent.
       3.When the solution output pressure is below 3bar,the red signal light will turn on the alarm will sound. Please clean or change inlet filter and check the air pressure(above 0.5Mpa as norm).





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